Parallel, Portable Algorithms for Distance-2 Maximal Independent Set and Graph Coarsening [article]

Brian Kelley, Sivasankaran Rajamanickam
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Given a graph, finding the distance-2 maximal independent set (MIS-2) of the vertices is a problem that is useful in several contexts such as algebraic multigrid coarsening or multilevel graph partitioning. Such multilevel methods rely on finding the independent vertices so they can be used as seeds for aggregation in a multilevel scheme. We present a parallel MIS-2 algorithm to improve performance on modern accelerator hardware. This algorithm is implemented using the Kokkos programming model
more » ... o enable performance portability. We demonstrate the portability of the algorithm and the performance on a variety of architectures (x86/ARM CPUs and NVIDIA/AMD GPUs). The resulting algorithm is also deterministic, producing an identical result for a given input across all of these platforms. The new MIS-2 implementation outperforms implementations in state of the art libraries like CUSP and ViennaCL by 3-8x while producing similar quality results. We further demonstrate the benefits of this approach by developing parallel graph coarsening scheme for two different use cases. First, we develop an algebraic multigrid (AMG) aggregation scheme using parallel MIS-2 and demonstrate the benefits as opposed to previous approaches used in the MueLu multigrid package in Trilinos. We also describe an approach for implementing a parallel multicolor "cluster" Gauss-Seidel preconditioner using this MIS-2 coarsening, and demonstrate better performance with an efficient, parallel, multicolor Gauss-Seidel algorithm.
arXiv:2204.02934v1 fatcat:rv5wttkz7be6jcyk34oci5kpta