Количественная оценка запасов древесного детрита в лесахРоссийской Федерации по данным ГИЛ

Н.В. Малышева, А.Н. Филипчук, Т.А. Золина, Г.В. Сильнягина
The article addressed the problems related to quantitative assessment of coarse woody debris in the forests of the Russian Federation. The results of scientific research in the field of quantitative assessment of coarse woody debris which includes snags, logs and stumps and evaluation of the amount of carbon stored in snags and logs applied in GHG inventory have been analysed. Advantages of sample plot state forest inventory data for reliable evaluation of deadwood stock were identified.
more » ... identified. Preliminary results of quantitative evaluation of coarse woody debris from plot-level inventory data collected on 27 403 state forest inventory sample plots in 15 forest stratums (forest regions with homogeneous site-growth conditions and management regimes) of the Russian Federation are presented.
doi:10.24419/lhi.2304-3083.2019.1.09 fatcat:n7ikbuaw6fbtxat2mitozapqeq