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1910 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
In going over the literature we find that in a certain number of women there is a definite pulmonary hyperemia before and during menstruation. During this period of hyperemia the capillaries and larger vessels of the lung are more engorged with blood than they are under ordinary conditions and, owing to the unusual stretching of their walls, are more liable to rupture. Pulmonary hemorrhage in the clinically sound person is very rarely fatal, is usually slight and is of little importance aside
more » ... importance aside from the incident fright. In the tubercular patient, however, it is of great importance, for the effect on the patient is usually more marked than the loss of blood could account for. To the sufferer from tuberculosis every drop of blood is valuable as a means of nourishing and repairing the diseased tissues, and so its loss should be avoided with the greatest care. 1 Aphorisms, vol. xxxii, p. 32. McKay: Ancient Gynccology ,J Bottennund: Ueber die Bez. der weib. Sexunlorp. zu <\t.'n oberen Luftwegen.
doi:10.1056/nejm191003101621006 fatcat:vexhslxw4naqldvfgysnv6jthm