Research on Tourism of Major Sports Event

Tao Zhang
2017 Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Education Technology and Economic Management (ICETEM 2017)   unpublished
There is no complete theoretical framework for the study of the interaction between major sporting events and urban tourism. Since both are the industries that the country is committed to developing, the relevant theoretical research is more urgent as the advantages of interaction are becoming more and more prominent. This paper starts from the essence of the major sporting events and the urban tourism, tries to explore the general pattern of the interaction process and the interactive
more » ... nteractive mechanism that supports the interactive interaction and the win-win cooperation by means of the literature research method, the historical research method and the interdisciplinary approach. On the basis of constructing the framework of benign interaction mechanism, this paper analyzes the problems existing in the process of interaction between major sports events and urban tourism, and discusses the relevant countermeasures which are suitable for the interactive development of the two. Analysis on the Characteristics of Major Sports Events and Urban Tourism Major events have a high degree of aggregation, Baines and Muir Si studied the special events of the "peak phenomenon", that special events can produce their own related services and generate This is an open access article under the CC BY-NC license (
doi:10.2991/icetem-17.2017.13 fatcat:ehb5dc64crfudl255ej4ecmrge