Mode-specific intermolecular vibrational energy transfer. II. Deuterated water and potassium selenocyanate mixture

Hongtao Bian, Xiewen Wen, Jiebo Li, Junrong Zheng
2010 Journal of Chemical Physics  
Vibrational energy transfer from the first excited state ͑2635 cm −1 ͒ of the O-D stretch of deuterated water ͑D 2 O͒ to the 0-1 transition ͑2075 cm −1 ͒ of the CN stretch of potassium selenocyanate ͑KSeCN͒ in their 2.5:1 liquid mixture was observed with a multiple-mode two dimensional infrared spectroscopic technique. Despite the big energy mismatch ͑560 cm −1 ͒ between the two modes, the transfer is still very efficient with a time constant of 20 ps. The efficient energy transfer is probably
more » ... ecause of the large excitation coupling between the two modes. The coupling is experimentally determined to be 176 cm −1 . An approximate analytical equation derived from the Landau-Teller formula is applied to calculate the energy transfer rate with all parameters experimentally determined. The calculation results are qualitatively consistent with the experimental data.
doi:10.1063/1.3458825 pmid:20649335 fatcat:g3jlp56rpvdmxbybctpdo4duui