Conscious Intelligent Systems - Part 1 : I X I [article]

U. Gayathree
2006 arXiv   pre-print
Did natural consciousness and intelligent systems arise out of a path that was co-evolutionary to evolution? Can we explain human self-consciousness as having risen out of such an evolutionary path? If so how could it have been? In this first part of a two-part paper (titled IXI), we take a learning system perspective to the problem of consciousness and intelligent systems, an approach that may look unseasonable in this age of fMRI's and high tech neuroscience. We posit conscious intelligent
more » ... tems in natural environments and wonder how natural factors influence their design paths. Such a perspective allows us to explain seamlessly a variety of natural factors, factors ranging from the rise and presence of the human mind, man's sense of I, his self-consciousness and his looping thought processes to factors like reproduction, incubation, extinction, sleep, the richness of natural behavior, etc. It even allows us to speculate on a possible human evolution scenario and other natural phenomena.
arXiv:cs/0612056v1 fatcat:agy3j2z3bzafrbxutcc2xt3mum