Plasma Bioscience and Medicines
플라즈마 바이오과학 및 의학

Eun Ha Choi
2015 Vacuum Magazine  
Nonthermal bio-compatible plasma (bioplasma) sources and their characteristics operating at atmospheric pressure could be used for biological cell interactions, especially for plasma bioscience and medicines. The electron temperatures and plasma densities of this bioplasma are measured to be 0.7 ~ 1.8 eV and (3-5) x 10 14-15 cm -3 , respectively. Herein, we introduced general schematic view of the plasma-initiated ultraviolet photolysis of water inside the biological solutions or living tissue
more » ... s or living tissue for the essential generation mechanism of the reactive hydroxyl radical [OH] and hydrogen peroxide [H2O2], which may result in apoptotic cell death in plasma bioscience and medicines. Further, we surveyed the various nonthermal bioplasma sources including plasma jet, micro-DBD (dielectric barrier discharge) and nanosecond discharged plasma. The diseased biological protein, cancer, and mutated cells could be treated by these bioplasma sources or bioplasma activated water to result in their apoptosis for new paradigm of plasma bioscience and medicines.
doi:10.5757/vacmac.2.4.9 fatcat:tabt4ym2rzaqrmkwlaghie4hyi