Compressed Watermarked Video Frame Transmission System Using Chaotic Interleaving

E. El-Bakary, S. EL-Rabaie, O. Zahran, F. Abd El-Samie
2015 International Conference on Aerospace Sciences and Aviation Technology  
In this paper, we propose a chaotic Baker interleaving approach for efficient spiht compressed steganography watermarked frame of transmission of video over (OFDM) wireless systems with equalization. Cases of Rayleigh fading channels and additive white Gaussian noise are considered. The spiht compressed steganography watermarked video frames is primarily converted to approach of chrominance and after that the chrominance approach is converted to a binary data format. Prior to the modulation
more » ... the modulation step made interleaving on the binary data. The proposed chaotic interleaving approach made reducing in the channel effects on the data which it is transmitted and made adding a degree of encryption to the transmitted data. The big data of the video frames is reduced by madding spiht compressed technique. To test the performance of the proposed approach by the transmission of spiht compressed steganography watermarked video various frames over additive white Gaussian noise and Rayleigh fading channels with interleaving by chaotic baker map. The results of the experiments explain that the received compressed steganography watermarked video frames are gives higher peak signal to noise ratios (PSNRs) with applied chaotic interleaving compared with other approaches and also show the histogram count of the correlation coefficient of the watermarked blocks.
doi:10.21608/asat.2015.22892 fatcat:pfcvbv3jlva2fh5jjkmf5nn32y