Nondispersive wavelength-division sampling

A. S. Bhushan, F. Coppinger, S. Yegnanarayanan, B. Jalali
1999 Optics Letters  
We propose and demonstrate a new wavelength-division-sampling technique with high temporal resolution. A discrete-time true-time delay generates multiwavelength near-transform-limited pulses from a supercontinuum source. Pulses sample the analog signal in an electro-optic modulator and are subsequently demultiplexed in a wavelength-division-multiplexing f ilter. A 100-Gsample͞s experimental demonstration of this concept is presented.
doi:10.1364/ol.24.000738 pmid:18073839 fatcat:wdjo55y32fgwdedlrpwn6vqhoi