Optimized Tin Bismuth Alloy Modified with Silver Vanadate Nanorods Prepared via Powder Metallurgy: Search for Biomedical Application

2020 Letters in Applied NanoBioScience  
In this study, a new bismuth tin eutectic alloy and other samples of the same composition doped with variable concentration of silver vanadate nanorods were prepared using new route powder metallurgy. X-ray diffraction of prepared silver vanadate approves the formation of  phase silver vanadate (-AgVO3). Transmission electron microscopy shows the formation of AgVO3 nanorods of radius ranging (20-40 nm). X-ray diffraction of alloys doped with silver vanadate and mechanical tests show that
more » ... ess and creep behavior data are composition-dependent parameters with silver vanadate content. Antimicrobial tests against pathogenic grams, fungi, and yeast showed that the addition of silver vanadate nanorods stimulates the action of hydride alloy and increases their activity against bacterial strains. In hospitals, biomedical devices may contaminate infection; doping devices with nanoparticles may make it auto clean besides conserving its mechanical properties.
doi:10.33263/lianbs94.16151626 fatcat:h4ix6bz4bjexhl3khpzoyeptlu