Electrical Conductivity of SrCrO4 and Sr3Cr2O8 at Elevated Temperatures in Relation to the Highly Conductive Chromia Scale Formed on an Alloy Separator in SOFC

Toshio Maruyama, Toshihiko Inoue, Kazuhiro Nagata
1995 ECS Proceedings Volumes  
A metallic separator of a nickel based alloy coated with (La, Sr)CoO3 has been successfully demonstrated to maintain high conductivity during long term operation in a planer type SOFC. The chromia scale formed on the alloys at the cathode is highly conductive and the scale contains the oxide particles of the Sr-Cr-O system. The electrical conductivity of SrCrCU and Sr3Cr2O8 was measured at 1273~1373 K as a function of oxygen pressure. The measured conductivity of the two compounds is much higher than that of Cr2Cfe.
doi:10.1149/199501.0889pv fatcat:bs6oiu6dlbeddaifyzgrqgvfqm