Development, Implementation and Evaluation of an Education Course for the Utah State University Coordinated Undergraduate Medical Dietetics Program

Cynthia Olson Obermiller
The entry-level clinical dietitian must possess competencies in the area of communications and in the process of education. Training and practice in these areas, as related to the profession of dietetics, must be provided during the professional phase of the dietetic student's training. The purpose of this study was to develop, implement and evaluate a course for the Coordinated Undergraduate Medical Dietetics Program at Utah State University. This course, entitled Education in Clinical
more » ... s, was added to the junior year fall quarter curriculum. The ten-week course combined didactic and lab experiences to provide the students with a thorough background in communicating and educating. The course content was primarily derived from the expansion of topics that were previously taught in other CUP courses. Data from a Needs Assessment Survey of former USU CUP graduates revealed a need for additional training in all aspects of the process of educating at all levels. Specific areas identified as being in need of further emphasis included planning, developing and evaluating educational materials and programs. The new course was evaluated at the end of the student's junior year in the USU CUP. Specific recommendations for course revision were made to the USU CUP director and faculty. The recommendations regarding future modification of this component in the USU CUP were based .on the past graduates' needs assessment evaluations, the current students' evaluations and faculty evaluation of the students' performance as a result of the additional course. It was concluded that the inclusion of the new education course into the CUP curriculum combined with added emphasis on the education component throughout the USU CUP could result in the goal of the research to enhance this component and better meet the current needs of dietetic practitioners in the areas under study.
doi:10.26076/1f03-9609 fatcat:jx34tlf7njdf3cnima227isfzq