MAKNA IDEOLOGI DAN BENTUK PROPAGANDA MEDIA ( Studi Semiotika Barthes media Eramuslim dan National Israel Terhadap Kasus Mavi Marmara )

Mariko Rizkiansyah
2013 Communication  
After many years, relationship between Turk and Israel are close. But the relation changed to bad after Turk decided to given human aid ship to Palestine. The human aid ship under arrested by Israel before docked. The raid Israel made several crew human aid died. The moment of the raid Israel known as Mavi Marmara cases. The war of propaganda between Turk against Israel have been made. One of their purpose is to created good opinion public for their activity. Eramuslim is one of all media
more » ... of all media Indonesia which is vocal to against the raid for mavi marmara. While National Israel is one of the media Israel which is consist to made news about mavi marmara. Beside the News, there some ideology hiding both of news from Eramuslim and National Israel. The Ideology become identity for news Eramuslim and National Israel,
doi:10.36080/comm.v4i1.53 fatcat:nj7n3c62hrb2fj3wcioen3de7m