The properties and subcellular localization of acid phosphatases in the colourless alga, Polytomella caeca

R A Cooper, I D Bowen, D Lloyd
1974 Journal of Cell Science  
The acid £-nitrophenyl phosphatase of homogenates of Polytomella caeca is a latent acid hydrolase, which is partially inhibited by NaF. Its distribution profile in density gradients (which is similar to that of naphthyl AS-TR phosphatase) suggests that this enzyme is partially lysosomal in location. Cytochemical evidence for the localization of acid phosphatases in fine subcellular structures is presented. Naphthyl AS-TR phosphatase is localized in vacuoles, points of focal degradation, Golgi
more » ... egradation, Golgi bodies and dispersed throughout the cytosol. /?-Glycerophosphatase is confined to large vacuoles and the cytosol. The nature of acid phosphatasecontaining organelles in P. caeca is discussed in view of the inability to detect eleven other latent acid hydrolases in cell-free homogenates. • Present address: METHODS Maintenance and harvesting of Polytomella caeca Polytomella caeca Pringsheim was obtained in axenic culture from the Culture Collection
pmid:4426925 fatcat:grmsanxaufhl3j6hcs4dsm2w3e