Padé-improvement of CP-odd Higgs decay rate into two gluons

F A Chishtie, V Elias, T G Steele
1999 Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics  
We present an asymptotic Pade-approximant estimate for the four-loop coefficients within the linear combination of correlators entering the recently calculated decay rate of a CP-odd Higgs boson, with an assumed mass $m_A = 100 GeV$, into two gluons. All but one of these coefficients are shown to be determined for arbitrary $m_A$ from the known 3-loop-order rate by renormalization group methods. Asymptotic Pade-approximant estimates for these coefficients are all seen to be within 12% of their
more » ... ithin 12% of their correct values. The four-loop term in the decay rate for $m_A = 100 GeV$ is estimated to be only 4.3% of its leading one-loop contribution.
doi:10.1088/0954-3899/26/1/309 fatcat:e4o7afgoozbmdhjiud2jerra6u