Diversity of Family Fungiidae in Malaysian Waters

2009 Publications of the Seto Marine Biological Laboratory. Special Publication Series.  
Diversity of the family Fungiidae was investigated in Malaysian waters during an expedition in 2004. From the samples collected on 18 reef locations around Malaysian waters, only 12 locations contained fungiid corals. From the locations that have fungiid corals, 11 species from five genera were recorded. They are Fungia (Ctenactis) echinata, Fungia (Ctenactis) simplex, Fungia (Danafungia scruposa, Fungia (Danafungia) danai, Fungia (Fungia) fungites, Fungia (Pleuractis) paumotensis, Fungia
more » ... ensis, Fungia (Pleuractis) scutaria, Halomitra pileus, Sandalolitha robusta, Herpolitha limax and Polyphyllia talpina. The diversity of the fungiid corals at Hempasan Dang Ajar and Terumbu Peninjau far outweighs all other sites with six different species at each location. Other locations have three species on average. Out of 11 species of Fungiidae coral, Sandalolitha robusta and Herpolitha limax are the most commonly found species. They are found on seven sampling locations each. The rarest species are Fungia simplex, Fungia scruposa and Fungia paumotensis which can be found at only one sampling location each. Other available species could be found at three locations on average. This study has reported higher number of fungiid species compared to previous studies done in Peninsular Malaysia but similar with the study done in Singapore.
doi:10.5134/144633 fatcat:n5wgplfczrhqjor5ul2uvkltti