Phenolic profiling and bioactivities of fresh fruits and jam of Sorbus species

Zorica Mrkonjic, Jelena Nadjpal, Ivana Beara, Verica Aleksic-Sabo, Dragana Cetojevic-Simin, Neda Mimica-Dukic, Marija Lesjak
2017 Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society  
The purpose of this study was a comprehensive examination of phenolic profile, vitamin C content, antioxidant, anti-acethylcholinesterase, cytotoxic and antimicrobial activities of extracts and jams of fruits of two edible Sorbus species: well characterized S. aucuparia and two insufficiently explored forms of S. torminalis (torminalis and semitorminalis). Characterisation of 44 phenolics was done using LC-MS/MS and 15 compounds were confirmed, with chlorogenic acid as the most dominant in S.
more » ... st dominant in S. aucupara and ferulic acid in both S. torminalis forms. S. aucuparia demonstrated potent antioxidant activity, while the same of both S. torminalis forms was moderate. Jam extracts had the highest content of vitamin C. S. aucuparia exhibited some anti-acethycholinesterase activity, while S. torminalis f. torminalis showed the best antimicrobial activity against S. aureus and both forms (torminalis and semitorminalis) possessed the highest activity against E.coli. Results obtained herein are a great base for further research of edible Sorbus species with an aim to promote their better usage as nutraceuticals.
doi:10.2298/jsc170202049m fatcat:o7vrmxu5zjeerikrhkwi6yn2gy