HTST Whirling Bed Hot Air Puffing of Wheat based RTE Foods: A Micro Level Case Study

I Pardeshi, P Chattopadhyay, R Jayabhaye, I Pardeshi
Journal of Ready to Eat Food   unpublished
The cold extrudate prepared from blend of wheat-soy flour at requisite initial moisture could be optimally steamed at 0.70 kg/cm 2 for 10.75 min and HTST air puffed at 215 °C for 30 s followed by oven toasting at 113 °C for 27 min to prepare RTE snack foods. The composition of product except the fat content was unaltered during process. The study on phenomena of mass transfer and heat transfer and scanning electron microscopy revealed their stage-wise inter relations during the process. The
more » ... he process. The puffed snack foods prepared were consumer acceptable and having shelf life of more than six months.