Expert systems in production and operations management

Vaidyanathan Jayaraman, Rajesh Srivastava
1996 International Journal of Operations & Production Management  
Introduction Expert systems (ESs) solve problems that are normally solved by human "experts". An ES is a problem-solving package that mimics a human expert in a specialized area. An ES can also be defined as a computer program that exhibits, within a specific domain, a degree of expertise in problem solving that is comparable with that of a human expert. ESs need to exploit one or more reasoning mechanisms to apply their knowledge to the problems that are given. Then they need a mechanism for
more » ... plaining what they have done to the users who rely on them. Some ESs have already been successfully implemented in production and operations management (POM). Although POM is a promising area for ESs, applications to date have been haphazard and independent research efforts have also been minimal. As research and development of ESs requires considerable effort, an organized assessment seems warranted. The purpose of this paper is to examine the applicability of the ES in POM by exploring the different types of generic decision that often require experts and to see when and if these decisions types apply in POM settings. ESs are perceived to be an important tool for decision analysis. To understand and appreciate expert systems better, it is vital to understand decision analysis, its supporting elements and its role in the decision-making process. The ES plays a key role as a tool to enhance productivity, improve quality and increase profits while minimizing costs and capturing expertise in many business and industrial environments. However, one of the main reasons why many ESs fail to be integrated into the operational environment is a lack of knowledge and technique on how to develop, test and implement an ES efficiently. POM is a very fertile application area for ESs owing to its heavy orientation towards decision analysis and problem solving. Past research in ESs' application to POM have been minimal owing to the paucity of information that exists on ESs' application in POM within an organizational context. The purpose of this paper is first, to present an overview of ESs and the different decision areas in ESs, to classify ESs in POM and to examine the literature
doi:10.1108/01443579610151742 fatcat:o4irv54565f2jkut6askahsg2i