Discovery: an interactive resource for the rational selection and comparison of putative drug target proteins in malaria

Fourie Joubert, Claudia M Harrison, Riaan J Koegelenberg, Christiaan J Odendaal, Tjaart AP de Beer
2009 Malaria Journal  
Drug resistance to anti-malarial compounds remains a serious problem, with resistance to newer pharmaceuticals developing at an alarming rate. The development of new anti-malarials remains a priority, and the rational selection of putative targets is a key element of this process. Discovery-2 is an update of the original Discovery in silico resource for the rational selection of putative drug target proteins, enabling researchers to obtain information for a protein which may be useful for the
more » ... lection of putative drug targets, and to perform advanced filtering of proteins encoded by the malaria genome based on a series of molecular properties. Methods: An updated in silico resource has been developed where researchers are able to mine information on malaria proteins and predicted ligands, as well as perform comparisons to the human and mosquito host characteristics. Protein properties used include: domains, motifs, EC numbers, GO terms, orthologs, protein-protein interactions, protein-ligand interactions. Newly added features include drugability measures from ChEMBL, automated literature relations and links to clinical trial information. Searching by chemical structure is also available. Results: The updated functionality of the Discovery-2 resource is presented, together with a detailed case study of the Plasmodium falciparum S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine hydrolase (PfSAHH) protein. A short example of a chemical search with pyrimethamine is also illustrated. Conclusion: The updated Discovery-2 resource allows researchers to obtain detailed properties of proteins from the malaria genome, which may be of interest in the target selection process, and to perform advanced filtering and selection of proteins based on a relevant range of molecular characteristics.
doi:10.1186/1475-2875-8-178 pmid:19642978 pmcid:PMC2724543 fatcat:yjm6x3ilengkjkufwjngxe3sbq