Notice to Members of the Library Association

1898 Library  
Visitors an invited. Light refreshments will be served at the commencement of the Meeting. Souvenir for tbe late "fconorarg Secretan?. Mr. MACAUSTER is very anxious to possess as a souvenir of his connection with tbe Association an album containing photographs of all members during his term of office, and he earnestly begs that the members will afford him this gratification, and that each will as soon as possible send him a photograph bearing the signature of the subject. As he is at present
more » ... he is at present travelling in rainHa he begs that members will kindly send the photographs to Miss Hannam, 20, Hanover Square, London, W. If any member can help Mr. MacAlister to photographs of members who have resigned or died since 1886, he would regard it as a great favour.
doi:10.1093/library/s1-x.1.351-a fatcat:fjwcchffwzbg7ignrlnirfny6u