A Smith, D Ricardo, P Keynes, J Semuelson, J Hicks, Schumpeter
2013 International Journal of Accounting and Financial Management Research (IJAFMR) ISSN (P   unpublished
Obviously, the key issue in the current economic situation in the country is to develop an economic policy that would help consolidate the progress achieved in stabilizing the economy and the achievement of increasing the rate of economic growth based on an innovative model of development. Therefore, not coincidentally, the relevance of investment activity in order to achieve real sustainable and increasing economic growth marked by the president of the state N.A. Nazarbayev, in the President's
more » ... in the President's Message "Kazakhstan -2030". One of the key priorities of the Strategy derives from economic growth based on balanced economic development, gradual substitution of raw materials in the GNP on high-tech, including exports and the effective use of