Statistical Quality of Service to Increase Qos/Qoe of IP-Based Gateway for Integrating Heterogeneous Wireless Devices

Pon. Arivanantham, Dr. M.
2016 International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications  
In broadcast service area above communications supported cellular wireless networks, data is communicated to several addressees from a right of entry point/base station. Multicast significantly progresses the network effectiveness to dispense data to multiple addressees as associated to multiple unicast gatherings of the similar data to each receiver independently, by taking improvement of the communal nature of the wireless intermediate. These algorithms need to be intended to be responsible
more » ... r the essential Quality of Service (QoS) towards an extensive assortment of applications while permitting seamless roaming between multitudes of access network technologies. This paper proposed a cellular-aided mobile ad hoc network (CAMA) structural design, in which a CAMA representative in the cellular network accomplishes the control data, while the data is transported over the mobile terminals (MTs). The routing and security info is substituted among MTs and the negotiator over cellular radio channels. A location centered routing protocol, the multi-selection greedy positioning routing (MSGPR) protocol, is projected. This novel feature makes it more appropriate in the actual world. In accumulation, dynamic new call blocking possibility is initially familiarized to make handoff decision for wireless networks. This paper proposes a novel technique to afford QoS sustenance by means of an assistant network to recuperate the failure of multicast data in the major network. A wireless device might misplace some of the multicast records send above the major network. The experiment results have exposed that the proposed algorithm outclasses traditional algorithms in bandwidth deployment, handoff dropping rate and handoff rate.
doi:10.14569/ijacsa.2016.070144 fatcat:3owe76dxbvcedhypq7hbjyixve