rrent aspects regarding "smart homes"/ ambient assisted living (AAL) including rehabilitation specific devices, for people with disabilities/ special needs

ANDONE Ioana, POPESCU Cristina, SPINU Aura, DAIA Cristina, STOICA Simona, ONOSE Liliana, ANGHEL Irina, ONOSE Gelu
2020 Balneo Research Journal  
The population life expectancy has increased ("over half the EU's population predicted to be over-65 by 2070"), according to recent prevalence studies, being a result of the advancement of technology and medical science. This aging population has implications for society because there is increased number of older people requiring better quality of life. Materials and Methods: AAL represents the systems that may support completely the living area of a person and has the potential to facilitate
more » ... e elderly to live longer and more safety in their family environments, allowing them to continue their current activities, facilitating participation in more activities at home and in the community and improving the cost-effectiveness, the quality of health and social services. A practical use of technology is the introduction of home networks, which involve notions such as: "smart homes ", "tele-health / tele-care" and even, possibly, "tele-medicine" to allow people with serious illnesses / conditions / and special needs to maintain an appropriate quality of life (QOL) at home. Discussions and Conclusions: AAL can contribute to an increased autonomy, self-confidence and mobility in people whose activity is limited to home environment, such as "the oldest olds" and/ or those with severe neuro-/ loco-motors disabilities, and so to reduce the risk of institutionalization, enhance security, prevent social isolation, thus allowing "older adults to age in place". An important role in achieving this goal is representing by working in a multidisciplinary team (experts in the field of health - rehabilitation, gerontology -, social experts, technical/ informatics experts, engineering and robotics experts).
doi:10.12680/balneo.2020.376 doaj:a02e53b6e6804b88a7106a07d54955f9 fatcat:nvvn3d6xgvee5ovp3zrdqdrzha