Scheduling to Minimize Energy and Flow Time in Broadcast Scheduling [article]

Benjamin Moseley
2010 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper we initiate the study of minimizing power consumption in the broadcast scheduling model. In this setting there is a wireless transmitter. Over time requests arrive at the transmitter for pages of information. Multiple requests may be for the same page. When a page is transmitted, all requests for that page receive the transmission simulteneously. The speed the transmitter sends data at can be dynamically scaled to conserve energy. We consider the problem of minimizing flow time
more » ... s energy, the most popular scheduling metric considered in the standard scheduling model when the scheduler is energy aware. We will assume that the power consumed is modeled by an arbitrary convex function. For this problem there is a Ω(n) lower bound. Due to the lower bound, we consider the resource augmentation model of Gupta GuptaKP10. Using resource augmentation, we give a scalable algorithm. Our result also gives a scalable non-clairvoyant algorithm for minimizing weighted flow time plus energy in the standard scheduling model.
arXiv:1007.3747v1 fatcat:ybhyccdy3bbgjiuhro4ybyffxy