Mammalia, Rodentia, Sigmodontinae, Euneomys chinchilloides (Waterhouse, 1839): range extension

Ulyses F. J. Pardiñas, Pablo Teta, Juan C. Chebez, Flavio D. Martínez, Simón Ocampo, Darío O. Navas
2010 Check List  
A new record of Euneomys chinchilloides (Waterhouse, 1839) at Parque Provincial Aconcagua (Mendoza, Argentina), is reported based on two fresh specimens found dead and several cranial remains found in owl pellet samples. The current record enlarges its distribution in the Andean region of Argentina ca. 250 km to the north.
doi:10.15560/6.1.167 fatcat:dl4neueihndxdlc2tpygejafbm