"The Internet of Things-Where the Web and the Physical world will meet"

Vaishali Jain, Roopali Jain
Internet, the network of networks links us with the world at one tink. The Internet is a worldwide network phenomenon that linking billions of private and public networks by wired or wireless networking technologies of computer system. This paper is a survey on Internet of Things (IoT) which is believed to be the next evolution of Internet. Basic concept of IoT is that everything will be able to be connected through an Internet. More than 200 countries are linked together to exchange data, news
more » ... exchange data, news and views via Internet. The aim of this engineering science is to induce physical object to interact in the like-away as the computer devices do. IoT is a novel technology with the help of which devices can communicate with each other using sensors. In this paper, we discuss the chronicle of Internet of things, its different application areas, research challenges, open troubles concerned to the Internet of things and talk about the hereafter sight of IoT. Here we also talk over the latest invention done so far in this technology. IoT is a novel engineering course. Every major Global Government and every major Economic Blog is now investing heavily in IoT because this is the place where in future there going to be lots of money to make. The development of the future of network will totally depend upon the creativeness of the researchers for designing in applications. However, there will be open issues regarding security and privacy. In this era of 21st century, this study is aimed to those who have interest in this field and adds their efforts to its growth.