Turkey's Humanitarian Policy towards Post-Soviet States
Гуманитарная политика Турции в странах постсоветского пространства

I. Svistunova
2022 Russia and New States of Eurasia  
Humanitarian policy is an important tool of Ankara's strategy towards the post-Soviet states. A number of state institutions in Turkey contribute to the development of ties with the Turkic and Muslim peoples of the former Soviet republics. Ankara participates in international development assistance to the countries of the region and at the same time builds bilateral ties with them. Turkish policy comprises assistance programs in the fields of education and culture, which contribute to the
more » ... pment of the idea of the historical unity of the Turkic peoples.
doi:10.20542/2073-4786-2022-2-125-135 fatcat:kox4aqjg6jepxir72vwwgzahjy