Reflections on the Teaching of Architectural Art in Independent Colleges

Yan Huang
2018 Proceedings of the International Conference on Contemporary Education, Social Sciences and Ecological Studies (CESSES 2018)   unpublished
The wave of architectural art teaching reform has made the independent college educators begin to consider what adjustments they should make to the teaching of architectural art in the basic education of architecture, so that the architectural art teaching can better adapt to the needs under the new situation, and can play a more active and important role in the independent college architecture major. In order to make the students in the independent college architecture major have broader
more » ... ment space and better competitive abilities, it is necessary to strengthen the education of architectural art, which is a realistic problem that cannot be underestimated. In response to this situation, how to set up relevant courses and formulate corresponding teaching plans is an issue worthy of consideration by the independent college architectural art teaching teams. In the limited time, students should be guided to organically combine the improvement of art skills and the cultivation of comprehensive art qualities. Through the analysis and reflection of my teaching practice over these years, I believe that we can try to make some breaks through the following approaches: First, update the basic sketch teaching mode and establish the elective course module; Second, update the basic color teaching mode; Third, establish the hand-painted performance technique curriculum system with our own teaching characteristics; Fourth, set up the art elective course module; Fifth, make full use of multimedia resources and develop new teaching ideas. If we want to make the independent college architecture discipline develop more comprehensively and better, and go better and further, we should not only reform and develop the professional design curriculum, but also adjust and improve the architectural art curriculum from many aspects. Art teachers should pay attention to the problems existing or possible to emerge in teaching, analyze them carefully, discuss them in time, and conduct research and exchanges through projects, papers, teaching materials, exhibitions, events, etc., which will also provide references and great impetus for the teaching reform of other related majors in related colleges. Keywords-independent college architecture art teaching; art comprehensive ability; artistic accomplishment; qualified architect I.
doi:10.2991/cesses-18.2018.59 fatcat:6gibdp2tubbhlpiprlqekjfpca