Concept Model "Regional Center for Professional Development of Staff in the Education" Branicevo-Podunavlje Districts & JudeŃul Caraş-Severin

Oliver Momcilovic
"Knowledge management" in developing countries such as Serbia and Romania is based on information and education and represents our new social challenge and opportunity. Instead of natural resources and industrial capacity, knowledge management in education "becomes a vital resource of the information society, and innovation and generating "new knowledge "is the basis for wealth. Training the population and economy of these skills is a great opportunity for Serbia and Romania to join the
more » ... to join the developed countries and actively participate in global economic activity, but at the same time to maintain national and economic souvernity. Each educational organization should turn tacit, immaterial knowledge of their staff into substantive, explicit knowledge, which it then represents as the inalienable property. "Managing intellectual capital in the education" should focus on activities and the future of ICT, ie. strengthening the knowledge of its staff, because it is the constant development of the process, and it can be realized by forming regional centers for professional development in education.