From Relay Attacks to Distance-Bounding Protocols [chapter]

Gildas Avoine, Ioana Boureanu, David Gérault, Gerhard P. Hancke, Pascal Lafourcade, Cristina Onete
2021 Security of Ubiquitous Computing Systems  
AbstractWe present the concept of relay attacks, and discuss distance-bounding schemes as the main countermeasure. We give details on relaying mechanisms, we review canonical distance-bounding protocols, as well as their threat-model (i.e., covering attacks beyond relaying) stemming from the authentication dimension in distance bounding. Advanced aspects of distance-bounding security are also covered. We conclude by presenting what we consider to be the most important challenges in distance bounding.
doi:10.1007/978-3-030-10591-4_7 fatcat:uuq4ffyrxba2fljqxpe46c7iju