The Surface Fine Structure Contact Deformation Mechanics and Experimental Verification

Xingchen Li, Qiang Zhang, Yiyong Huang
2016 Proceedings of the 2016 3rd International Conference on Materials Engineering, Manufacturing Technology and Control   unpublished
In order to realize the high efficient seal performance, according to the model that is completely deformed to contact substrate everywhere between hard substrate and soft substrate in Presson contact mechanics, the complete contact condition is advanced. Two gaskets with micrometer size surface fine structure were designed and fabricated in different manufacturing processes, which were aimed at verifying the correctness of the complete contact condition through the seal experiment. The seal
more » ... riment. The seal performance of gaskets was investigated experimentally using the helium mass spectrum. In the light of experiment result, the leakage reason was that the soft substrate was not completely in contact with the surface of hard substrate. Verification by using different soft substrate was carried out, and the conclusion was that the complete contact condition was fit for the result. In the end, the result shows that fabricating the micrometer size structure on the surface of the hard substrate can efficiently improve the seal performance between the soft and hard substrate contact.
doi:10.2991/icmemtc-16.2016.51 fatcat:65z5vytlcba2jmedayc2foushi