Epitaxial Growth of Fully a -/ b -axis Oriented SrBi 2 Ta 2 O 9 Films

Ashish Garg, Stephen J. Lloyd, Zoe H. Barber
2002 Integrated Ferroelectrics  
Epitaxial SrBi 2 Ta 2 O 9 (SBT) thin films with welldefined (116) orientation have been grown by pulsed laser deposition on Si(100) substrates covered with an yttriastabilized ZrO 2 (YSZ) buffer layer and an epitaxial layer of electrically conductive SrRuO 3 . Studies on the in-plane crystallographic relations between SrRuO 3 and YSZ revealed a rectangle-on-cube epitaxy with respect to the substrate. X-ray diffraction pole figure measurements revealed welldefined orientation relations, viz. SBT
more » ... (116) SrRuO 3 (110) YSZ(100) Si(100), SBT[110] SrRuO 3 [001], and SrRuO 3 [111] YSZ[110] Si[110].
doi:10.1080/10584580215150 fatcat:4fbsvzfznvdjtdp5gfu54rwqki