Transient behavior of wind towers grounding systems under lightning strikes

Rodolfo Araneo, Salvatore Celozzi
2015 International Journal of Energy and Environmental Engineering  
Wind turbines, because of their height and localization, are frequently subject to direct lightning strikes. Thus, the investigation on the performance of their grounding system is of paramount interest for the prediction of the potential threats either for people working in (or animals passing through) the wind farm area and for the power and control units installed in close proximity of the turbine towers. In this paper,we perform a comprensive study of the transient behavior of the earthing
more » ... ystems of wind turbines. The analysis is conducted in the frequency domain and an hybrid approach, based on circuit theory and Method of Moments, is adopted to fully account for resistive, inductive and capacitive couplings between elements of the ground system. The actual transient behavior is obtained by means of an Inverse Fourier Transform. The results, computed considering a typical wind turbine grounding system configuration, provide more insight on the nature of the early-time transient response of grounding systems and allow to draw up useful design guidelines.
doi:10.1007/s40095-015-0196-7 fatcat:24ccfgsyd5en5pt6pdhdzlimvi