The oxide phase formation modelling at the deoxidization process in yttrium steels

Петро Степанович Харлашин, Данило Володимирович Діденчук
2016 Vìsnik Priazovsʹkogo Deržgavnogo Tehničnogo Unìversitetu. Serìâ: Tehnìčnì Nauki  
In recent years approaches to high-quality steel production have significantly changed. The influence of the oxide and sulfide non-metallic inclusions should be noted in particular. Modifying is followed with the change in the inclusions chemical composition, they are generally being MnS inclusions and fragile oxidic inclusions. Modification results in the formation of spherical oxides and yttrium sulfides that don't deform at rolling. Nowadays modifying with rare-earth elements has no broad
more » ... nts has no broad application because of the use of cheaper lime which possesses similar efficiency. That is why REM are applied generally as microparticles, and their deoxidating and desulphurizing abilities are limited because of their high cost in comparison with the expenditures on modern extra oven processing of steel. Nonmetallic inclusions hardly influence on «volume» processes of plastic deformation and hardening. The use of rare-earth metals and their combinations as nonmetallic inclusions modifiers appear to have considerable promise. Therefore the modelling and further calculation of oxygen and sulfur interaction with yttrium in metal were carried out
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