Casting Technology Experiment and Computer Modeling of Ornaments from Bronze Age

A. Garbacz-Klempka, J.S. Suchy, Z. Kwak, P. Długosz, T. Stolarczyk
The casting workshop was discovered with numerous artifacts, confirming the existence of the manufacturing process of metal ornaments using ceramic molds and investment casting technology in Lower Silesia (Poland) in 7-6 BC. The research has yielded significant technological information about the bronze casting field, especially the alloys that were used and the artifacts that were made from them. Based on the analyses, the model alloys were experimentally reconstructed. Taking advantage of the
more » ... computer-modeling method, a geometric visualization of the bronze bracelets was performed; subsequently, we simulated pouring liquid metal in the ceramic molds and observed the alloy solidification. These steps made it possible to better understand the casting processes from the perspective of the mold technology as well as the melting and casting of alloys.
doi:10.24425/123808 fatcat:23qfszmcczamzjvycnrm2vdj2y