Alla Borshulyak, Oksana Andriyets, Svitlana Pryimak, Anatoliy Andriyets
2021 Clinical anatomy and operative surgery  
Based on the literature datа and the results of our studies, menstrual dysfunction in teen girls leads to disorders of the reproductive system in fertile age. Establishment of normal menstrual function in teen girls is an eff ective measure for the prevention of future reproductive health disorders, which leads to improved methods of menstrual disorders diagnostics in overweight girls by analyzing clinical and anamnestic data, biochemical markers, development of diagnostic algorithm and
more » ... etically based correction of menstrual disorders. To gain this aim, it was proposed to include to the complex of conventional therapy, diet therapy and drugs myo-inositol (inofolic softgel) and metformin. Evaluation of the treatment eff ectiveness was performed on the regression dynamics of the disease main clinical symptom and the normalization of hormonal status indicators. The result of treatment was considered satisfactory when the patient had regular menstruation for 12 months on the background of the therapy, and the maintenance of irregular menstruation with a cycle duration of more than 38 days was unsatisfactory. As a result of treatment the body mass index has decreased in all the patients which received our complex of therapeutic measures, especially for obesity of the second and third degree what proves the eff ectiveness of complex treatment. The appointment of proposed complex of treatment measures for patients is pathogenetically based, because after treatment, previously detected insulin resistance decreased signifi cantly in all groups, but most and reliably in groups with obesity of the second and third degree and became almost within normal limits.
doi:10.24061/1727-0847.20.1.2021.01 fatcat:5j7hyipo3vhold3liwevwazbre