Combined analysis of the reactionspp→pp,πd→πd, andπd→pp

Chang Heon Oh, Richard A. Arndt, Igor I. Strakovsky, Ron L. Workman
1997 Physical Review C  
Results are presented for a combined analysis of the reactions pp→ pp, π d→π d and π d→ pp over the √(s) interval from pion threshold to approximately 2.4 GeV. These results for π d→ pp and π d elastic scattering are superior to our previous analyses of these reactions. In particular, the overall phase in π d→ pp has now been determined. Comparisons are made with previous (separate and combined) analyses of this two-nucleon system.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.56.635 fatcat:5ar3pvx7knagtmjajdolrpcm6y