Aquatic Toxicity Characteristics of Vinyl Acetate-Acrylic Acid (VA-AA) Copolymer-Based Formulations

Gerard T Caneba
2021 Trends in Petroleum Engineering  
Since the year 2000, we have been generating vinyl acetate-acrylic acid (VA-AA) copolymers from the free-radical retrograde-percipitation polymerization (FRRPP) process, and we have been formulating them as multipolymeric surfactants for various applications. This work involves the use of the Microtox® method to investigate the aquatic toxicity behavior of the aqueous emulsions of VA-AA-based multipolymeric surfactants, and their formulations within liquid-liquid and solid-liquid interfaces.
more » ... uid-liquid and solid-liquid interfaces employed in this study are represented by crude oil-water and bauxite extraction waste (Red mud)-water mixtures, respectively. Investigations with these interfaces reveal that the VA-AAbased multipolymers either reduce or eliminate the nascent aquatic toxicities in these mixtures.
doi:10.53902/tpe.2021.01.000509 fatcat:mx7au5kyozg75h447cqwn6boim