Effectiveness of culturally adapted substance use interventions for Latino adolescents : a systematic review and meta-analysis [article]

Eden Hernandez Robles
I would like to thank the great people that helped me pursue my doctorate and ultimately complete my dissertation, the team who helped me with the systematic review and metaanalysis, my committee members, my mentors, the McNair Scholar Program, and especially my family. Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Team I would like to begin by thanking Brandy Maynard, PhD, an Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work at Saint Louis University. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Maynard during my
more » ... reer as a doctoral student. Through Dr. Chris Salas-Wright, Dr. Maynard was able to recognize the systematic reviewer in me before I recognized it in myself. Since that time she has provided me with countless hours of training in systematic review methodology and meta-analytic techniques. I was very fortunate to have Dr. Maynard teach me throughout the entire process, but I was even more fortunate to have her encourage me through my times of frustration. Furthermore, she has provided me with early career mentoring and encouraged me to submit my work to conferences and for publications. She was the second coder for the review and also monitored the methodology
doi:10.15781/t2g737889 fatcat:6y5v2m5dbrgf3giyrpig37cdhm