Spin accumulation from the non-Abelian Aharonov-Bohm effect

Qin Liu, Tianxing Ma, Shou-Cheng Zhang
2007 Physical Review B  
Recently, it has been shown that the spin-orbit coupling (SOC) of the Dresselhaus type in [110] quantum wells can be mathematically removed by a non-Abelian gauge transformation. In the presence of an additional uniform magnetic field, such a non-Abelian gauge flux leads to a spin accumulation at the edges of the sample, where the relative sign of the spin accumulation between the edges can be tuned by the sign of the Dresselhaus SOC constant. Our prediction can be tested by Kerr measurements within the available experimental sensitivities.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.76.233409 fatcat:bsfzqgop75h4fjp523nqkiwn6y