Ring signature scheme based on multivariate public key cryptosystems

Shangping Wang, Rui Ma, Yaling Zhang, Xiaofeng Wang
2011 Computers and Mathematics with Applications  
The ring signature scheme is an important cryptographic primitive that enables a user to sign a message on behalf of a group in authentic and anonymous way, i.e. the recipient of the message is convinced that the message is valid and it comes from one of the group members, but does not know who the actual signer is. Currently, all the existing ring signatures are based on traditional cryptosystems. However, the rapid advances in the field of quantum computing indicate a growing threat to
more » ... onal cryptosystems. Multivariate public key cryptosystems (MPKCs) is one of the promising alternatives which may resist future quantum computing attacks. In this work, we propose a novel ring signature scheme based on multivariate polynomials with the security model for the first time. Our ring signature scheme has a great advantage in efficiency compared to many existing ring signature schemes, and currently it seems to be immune to quantum computing attacks.
doi:10.1016/j.camwa.2011.09.052 fatcat:nmasjynaoncibou73c3wsqvp5i