Are We To Be Forever Trapped Between the Two? The Internet, Modernity, and Postmodernity in the Early 21st Century

Sarah Michele Ford
2002 Social Thought and Research  
Social theory has traditionally argued that the modern and the postmodern are chronologically ordered (that is, the postmodern comes after the modern) and mutually exclusive. I find, however, that contemporary American society is full of elements of both the modern/industrial and the postmodern/postindustrial. The Internet serves as an example of one social site in which these two concepts are in constant contact and often in tension. Based on an examination of the relationship between the
more » ... n/ industrial and the postmodern/postindustrial on the Internet, we can begin to determine whether or not the concepts of "modern" and "postmodern" accurately describe 21 st century society.
doi:10.17161/str.1808.5198 fatcat:qv6puxzrsjhtdkv4mftvxppy5m