Peculiarities of laboratory support for mass international events

G.V. Karpushchenko, A.V. Motskus
2018 Health Risk Analysis  
Any mass political, cultural, or sport event causes risks of complicated medical and sanitary situations and health disorders. It makes it necessary to perform profound preparations, both at all objects where such events take place and on overall territories of settlements where these objects are located. Orientation at risk minimization requires changes in existing schemes of state sanitary-epidemiologic surveillance and, accordingly, in providing efficient laboratory support. The article
more » ... s on peculiarities of laboratory examinations during preparations to mass international events and events themselves. It also justifies the necessity to work out hygienic model of laboratory support for the said events. The authors suggest to create laboratory support programs for sanitary-epidemiologic surveillance allowing for specific features of various stages in preparation to an event: 1) a stage when objects and infrastructure necessary for an event are planned and constructed; 2) a stage when an actual event takes place; 3) a stage after an event is over. The first stage involves concentration on control over materials and constructions applied when objects are erected. At the second stage it is necessary to provide strict control over environmental objects with wider application of express tests and mobile laboratory equipment. The third stage should involve systemic monitoring over loads on a territory caused by growth in number of tourists and the necessity to provide proper functioning of hygienically significant infrastructural systems. The suggested approaches were tested during preparations to 2018 FIFA World Cup In Rostov-on-Don. A test laboratory center, supervised by Rospotrebnadzor regional office, used the latest laboratory equipment which allowed to perform a wide range of research on construction and finishing materials, as well as environmental objects. The equipment operated practically round-the-clock, and it is advisable to apply the accumulated potential in future. The authors stress that it is vital to develop a hygienic model of laboratory control over mass international events.
doi:10.21668/health.risk/2018.2.12.eng fatcat:xqxhrg3twbgsrp5peuobgc7h4y