QCD with many fermions and QCD topology

Edward Shuryak
2013 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
A practical method in calculating one loop quantum fluctuations to the energy of the non-topological soliton Song Shu -This content was downloaded from IP address on 25/07 Abstract. Major nonperturbative phenomena in QCD -confinement and chiral symmetry breaking -are known to be related with certain topological objects. Recent lattice advances into the domain of many N f = O(10) fermion flavors have shown that both phase transitions had shifted in this case to much stronger
more » ... much stronger coupling. We discuss confinement in terms of monopole Bose condensation, and discuss how it is affected by fermions "riding" on the monopoles, ending with the N f dependence of the critical line. Chiral symmetry breaking is discussed in terms of the (anti)selfdual dyons, the instanton constituents. The fermionic zero modes of those have a different meaning and lead to strong interaction between dyons and antidyons. We report some qualitative consequences of this theory and also some information about our first direct numerical study of the dyonic ensemble, in respect to both chiral symmetry breaking and confinement (via back reaction to the holonomy potential).
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/432/1/012022 fatcat:vjuleek2lfhbfdjao7q6lclb74