Cytological Studies in Wiesneria triandra (Dalz.) Micheli (Alismataceae)

Illairaja Ismail Mujawar, Sayajirao Pandurang Gaikwad, Srirang Ramchandra Yadav
Somatic chromosome number (2n) and karyomorphology have been reported for first time in Wiesneria triandra (Dalz.) Micheli, a member of most archaic family Alismataceae. In general, the chromosomes are long with median, submedian and subterminal primary centromeres. The karyotype is reasonably asymmetrical and indicated advances in general. 10 distinct bivalents at diakinesis were observed during meiosis.
doi:10.1508/cytologia.68.375 fatcat:3wwje3hqebenxgaopllmgkrumq