Reliable Authentication and Anti-replay Security Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

Laura Gheorghe, Răzvan Rughiniş, Răzvan Deaconescu, Nicolae Ţăpuş
Wireless Sensor Network provide monitoring services such as environmental, military and medical monitoring. Sensor networks are often deployed in hostile environments and are vulnerable to attacks and failures. Security need to be implemented in order to prevent unauthorized access to the network and malicious attacks. The Authentication and Anti-replay Security Protocol is a combination of two lightweight mechanisms that ensure authentication, anti-replay and intrusion detection: the "Last
more » ... tion: the "Last Hash" method, and the authentication handshake. This paper introduces three reliability enhancements to the first version of the protocol: acknowledgements, re-authentication and a current hash computed with a different key to ensure integrity. Reliable AASP was implemented in TinyOS and tested using TOSSIM. Simulations indicate that Reliable AASP is able to provide a reliable authentication connection between any two communicating nodes, and it meets the critical security requirements: integrity, authentication and freshness.