Electrodeposition of Molybdenum and Molybdenum Carbide Coatings from Oxide Based Molten Salts

B. Aladjov, D. Topor, J. R. Selman
1992 ECS Proceedings Volumes  
Dense, well-adherent molybdenum and molybdenum carbide coatings have been deposited on mild steel substrates by electrochemical deposition from a Na2W 0 4 -K2W 0 4 molten bath containing alkali molybdates and carbonates. Coatings with a thickness of up to 30 pm have been prepared at cathodic current densities between 30 and 50 mA.cm"2 under air as ambient atmosphere. The coating morphology depends strongly on melt composition, temperature and moisture content. Addition o f N a^O y to the basic
more » ... on-lithium bath composition causes significant quality and morphology improvements.
doi:10.1149/199216.0488pv fatcat:z6txdulbwrfkbbjnbee55dxqpq