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1896 Scientific American  
Iowa. This is an im provement upon a former patented invention of the same inventor, and provides a portable heater in which the tank top is formed by a head plate or cap having an in tegral upward rim flange and a depending flange, and having air and fuel inlets, and a smoke outlet., tbere be· ing 1\ fire chamber or furnace secured to the depending flange of the cap. The heating chamber is sunk in the tank until the water rises above the top of the fire chamber and alongside the rim fi ange of
more » ... the rim fi ange of t.he head, the entire heat from the chamber being utilized to heat the water in the tank. Railway Apl'Jiance!l. CAR COUPLING.-John S. Williams, Krebs. Indian Territory. With this improvement meet· ing cars are coupled automatically either on a curve or straight line of railroad, the uncoupling being readily effected from tbe side of the car. In a hollow draw head is a vertically slidable coupling pin, a coupling link being held projected by a forwardly spring-pressed slide bar, and supported on an apron hung from the drawhead by a swivel-connected arm adapted to incline and laterally ad just the projected end of the link.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican05161896-315a fatcat:djegwpjgtnekffikgv27qub7qq