Pictures from the Skype

Dario Rossi, Silvio Valenti, Paolo Veglia, Dario Bonfiglio, Marco Mellia, Michela Meo
2008 Performance Evaluation Review  
This demo focuses on the online characterization and classification of Skype traffic, a very popular and fashionable VoIP application nowadays. Building over previous work on the field, we aim at illustrating the classification process of Skype calls in an interactive fashion using a controlled testbed. The demo also focuses on interesting characterization of Skype traffic, such as representing the traffic patterns Skype generates during a call and while idle, or the geographical localization
more » ... ical localization of Skype peers. Finally, the demo provides interesting insights on the actual Skype usage by users, showing the classification engine running live, and showing the persistent monitoring of real networks.
doi:10.1145/1453175.1453191 fatcat:lww4z336sfedddxf3jfo4f5l3a